What is Pointer? this is a question who trouble many of us, so i decide to¬†write on it, hope it helps you ūüôā

When we define a variable in c or whatever language, the compiler will find unused/vacant location in memory and allocate that to variable, to use. As we know area of memory consist of lot of cells and each cell is identified by a unique number, that unique number is known as memory address or address. Size of each memory cell is 1 byte.

Like any other data type as integer (int), character (char), floating point numbers (float), etc. Address also requires a data type to store, that is the reason pointer come in existence.


Declaration of pointer variable:

  <Data Type> * <Variable name>;

     Example :
         int * p;   // here p is pointer to integer or integer pointer
         similarly char * p1;  // here p1 is pointer to character or character pointer

Finding address of a variable:

The address of variable can be obtained by using & (ampersand) operator,¬†by placing the & operator in front of the variable’s name. when &¬†operator is used as unary operator with a pointer variable, then it is¬†known as address-of operator.

Example :
     int m;
     int *p;
      then p = &m;

here from the above statement, expression p = &m storing the address of m variable into the point variable p.

Important Points :

  1. The Address-of operator can be only used with variables and array elements.
  2.  The data type of data variable and address variable must be same. let suppose p = &m here data types of pointer variable p and data variable m must be similar.

Getting Content of a variable using pointer :

To get content of a variable which is pointed by a pointer, uses the * (asterisk) operator. if * symbol used as unary operator with the pointer variable then  it gives value of that variable. Then * operator is known as de-referencing operator.

example :
     int x = 1, y;
     int *p = &x;     // intializing pointer variale p with address of x

     y = *p;         //getting content of that address to which it is pointing i.e. x
     printf("%d", &y);     // here it gives output as 1.

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